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Everything we do revolves around the experience. You will not come to Gourmet Cafe for a lunch or a dinner, but for an entire experience that will groom you from the moment you step in.

Everything in our menu goes in one direction – flavor. We do not create random dishes or basic recipes that you can get in every restaurant. Even if you might find names that sound familiar, the experience is completely unique. A bunch of flavors will invade your mouth whenever you have a bite to pleasantly surprise you. You will not remember Gourmet Cafe for the beautiful décor and the fine art on the walls, but for the taste that does not feel like anything else. To take this venture even further, our drink selection is exclusive – no one else can provide what we can.


Chef’s specials

Chicken fried in sour cream $12

A mixture of meaty flavors and sour aromas from the cream will delight you from the very first bite.

Red wine spaghetti with walnuts and parsley $23

Mix together a decent dose of healthy foods, a top wine and unique flavors and aromas.

Beef tenderloin steaks with celery root gratin $5

Challenge yourself with a unique recipe developed and brought to perfection by our chef.


Our chef is not the average cook you can find in every random restaurant. Instead, we rely on a certified professional with over 20 years of experience. You can leave yourself in safe hands and get ready for excitement.

From basic dishes made on request to sophisticated recipes, Gourmet Cafe gives you the possibility to customize your meals. Everything we do revolves around you, your needs and preferences.

We come up with a daily menu for those who truly trust us. Basically, we change it on a daily basis – nothing basic, but something tasty and fulfilling. You can, however, order your favorite dish out of this menu – totally up to you.

Mon-Fri 10:00 - 22:00, Weekends 12:00 - 24:00


Putting together the finest and freshest ingredients – handpicked the same day.

We are proud to harvest many of the ingredients early in the morning for a perfect experience.

When it comes to meat or fish based dishes, we try our best to get most of the food caught or prepared the same day. Sometimes, the meat is bought the day before, as soon as it is ready. Despite being fresh for days, we want to make sure that your food is not older than 12 hours. Obviously, it is stored accordingly within our facility.

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