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 We talk about the best of gourmet that you’ll ever find. This is a place filled with the best information for aspiring chefs like you. It can also be a place for foodies or just those that want to learn more about the gourmet world.


Featured Interviews
We feature interviews from various iconic and popular gourmet chefs all over the world. It is a paradise for the foodies, aspiring chefs and those that love to monitor the lives and how these chef celebrities live their lives behind the camera. We make sure to cover up all the questions that need to be asked from them. You will find a page dedicated to all the interviews we’ve conducted with world renowned chefs and even those who are slowly climbing up the ladder to stardom.
Do keep in mind that we not only cover chefs that have already made a name for themselves. We also interview other chefs that we have taken an interest in, especially if they are famous for their signature dishes that can only be found in particular places. This means that you will find a variety of information here, not just focusing on the superstars of gourmet cooking.
Do you want to be a chef?


Just head straight to the Aspiring Chef page and you will find there a plethora of information on how you can get started.

Most of the time, the experts will advise you to find a job working in a restaurant kitchen. It doesn’t matter whether you are a graduate of culinary arts or just shifted from another college course. You’ll be surprised that there are no strict training or educational requirements to become a chef. If you have ever watched reality shows wherein amateur cooks are competing for each other to become a chef and open up their restaurant, this only shows that your love for food and passion for cooking is all that matters.

Being in the kitchen will help you find your way around when you have your own restaurant to run in the future. But be warned, the very first job you’ll get in the kitchen is mostly mundane stuff, such as taking out the trash or washing the dishes. But you should not dismiss these stuff as not related to your training. What matters here is that you get exposed to professionals that are working in the kitchen, and through time a fresh and brand new chef will climb up the ladder and get to tasks that are appealing to him.



We also share here the tips for aspiring chefs or home cooks on how to find the best ingredients to cook with. For those who are enrolled at a culinary academy, you will learn the basics of choosing the right ingredients by cooking dishes that originate from different cultural backgrounds. The skills of a chef lies not in how well knowledgeable they are with the techniques in cooking, but also the quality of ingredients that they are cooking with. Better quality of ingredients means that the meal is worth of remembering and paying for. Lackluster food is prepared from tasteless vegetables and bland spices.
You will also find here information on how to find the best quality ingredient to cook with your recipe. It doesn’t matter if you are doing this in your own kitchen or restaurant. As long as you have the perfect ingredients, you will be able to come up with an amazing meal with it.



Chefs can’t cook without their partners - the tools! There are just a couple of kitchen items that chefs can’t live without, such as the knives. But what you’ll find more in this page is about how you can find tools that you feel is a perfect match for you. There are a lot of best knives in the market and it is your judgment on how to get the right one. You can find more information about the basic and advanced tools a chef must have in the kitchen.
This is the place where chefs make their meals. While they can improvise, it is best that chefs, or even home cooks for that matter, should have a well equipped kitchen. This site provides you information on how to prep or set up a kitchen designed for professional chefs. This page is not only limited to information about professional kitchens, but also for home cooks, too.
You can also find common questions asked of a chef in the FAQs page.