Benefits of Using Swaddle Blankets for a Newborn

One of the biggest difficulty that new parents face is getting the newborn baby to sleep. Using swaddle blankets for a newborn is actually an excellent option to help your newborn baby to get a comfortable night rest for a long period. You can read on to find out the benefits of swaddling.

The Definition of swaddling

Swaddling is a practice of having your baby wrapped snugly, thus securing the legs and arms using a long strip of fabric, infant wrap or blanket.

Swaddling soothes

By simulating the secure and cozy womb-environment, swaddling assist to soothe a colic or fussy baby and to have the baby in a very relaxed state for a long period. Just like the womb, swaddling provides warmth for your newborn baby. There is no doubt that babies sleep better when they feel safe and warm. If per chance, the baby is swaddled in a manner many refer to as developmental swaddle, where the hand is near the face, self-soothing by the baby is possible.

Swaddle for safety

Though swaddling can have the babies remain asleep while on their backs, thus a position that has been discovered to bring a reduction to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Conferring to the Journal of pediatric, December 2002, infants swaddled to back sleeping have a lower risk of SIDS compared to the un-swaddled babies. In addition, swaddling eliminates the necessity for additional blankets that can seem to pose the threat of suffocation and when your baby is swaddled with their arms tucked at their sides, you are preventing the baby from scratching himself or herself with his or her nails.

Swaddling helps with Sleeping

Babies that are swaddled tend to sleep better. A study was carried out by Washington University where they discovered that swaddled babies have twice as much REM sleep and awaken less, which is very vital for brain development. Swaddling assists in preventing the limbs of the baby from flailing involuntary because sudden movements can have your baby awake from their rest.

Swaddling helps with breastfeeding

By utilizing swaddle blankets for a newborn, the process of breastfeeding is simplified by having the flailing limbs of your baby out of the way, thus making your baby focused on feeding.

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