How Can You Improve Your Cooking Skills?

What comes to your mind when you think about how you can improve your cooking skills or improve the taste of your dishes? Most of the time, aspiring chefs would want to have the best tools in the kitchen and would dream about how they would have all the money and splurge it all once they have it. However, they believe that by going to culinary school, they get to learn advanced techniques and skills that can improve their skills and enhance the flavor of their cooking.

Such reasons are good, but there are other ways where you can improve your cooking skills and the flavor you put out with your dish even with your current situation right now. Here are some of the free ways that you can bring your cooking skill up to the next level.


Just use with what you have right now.

Whenever you want to perfect or take up your skill to a new level, you have this feeling that new tools and books will get you the knowledge that you’ve been seeking. However, everything new doesn’t have to involve money. This doesn’t mean to say that buying new things is a bad idea. But forcing yourself to buy new things when you can barely afford it is much worse than making do with what you have. It is the root of most of the great cuisines of the world. Savvy and thrifty cooking skills have created a lot of great dishes such as the pasta e fagioli, bread panade and many other classical rustic dishes.

You can elevate your dish’s flavor and cooking skills just with a pair of hands. So what can you do, when you don’t have access to gourmet ingredients or the best cookware that cooks must have?

Read the recipe first before you start.

Seems like a no-brainer, but many cooks ignore this. Once they read the ingredients, they all start preparing even when they haven’t finished it. Most cooks who do it this way make the mistake of missing out an ingredient, and they’ve noticed they have already gone over 50 percent of the cooking instructions. By reading the recipe all throughout the end, it will give you an idea how you can prepare everything without missing out a step or an ingredient. It will not only help you become a better cook, but you get to learn the mechanics behind the preparation of the recipe.

Use both your hands.

The best and most basic tool in the kitchen you will get is the set of hands you have. Experts make use of their fingers in mixing and kneading the dough, rubbing out the lumps formed in the sauces and even prodding into the meat to check out its doneness – all of these before cooking it out. Your hands, when tongs are absent, can be used to in mixing the salad.

You’re lucky if a professional chef is willing to teach you personally some of their techniques for free, but whenever you have time, don’t forget to develop your skills based on the tips above.