Does It Make Sense to Power Up Kitchen Appliances with Solar?

The title of this blog post may seem weird but hear us out. Seriously. Hear us out regarding this peculiar solar decision question. Usually, a lot of people think that kitchen appliances are low-energy pieces of equipment. In their minds, they don’t really take up that many watts so they can be safely powered by solar devices. Whether you have a large solar panel at the top of your roof or you have a handy and nifty mini solar panel, people are under the impression that kitchen appliances can be easily powered by the sun.

Not surprisingly, a lot of gourmets go on the road and they automatically assume that they can take their finest and most heavy-duty kitchen appliances with them and not encounter any problems. If things were only that easy. You have to understand that there are many things that look good on paper but don’t really add up in reality. Believe it or not, kitchen appliances form part of this. Sure they are bulky. Sure they are hard to move around. But they still can impact your plans. You need to factor them in.

Why? A lot of kitchen appliances actually take up a lot of energy especially heavy-duty blenders, food processors and any other piece of kitchen equipment, whether on a tabletop or elsewhere, that requires a large motor. It’s the motor that takes up all that energy and believe it or not, oftentimes solar is not up to the job.

This is why it’s a good idea if you are going to be a gourmet cuisine aficionado who is going to be on the road a lot to buy mobile versions of your kitchen appliances. This means that they don’t take up that much energy. Otherwise, you might have to invest in the very best solar power bank you can find. The finest solar energy banking devices on the market enable you to soak up a lot of son and store that energy for quite some time. We’re talking about 36 hours or longer.

This would be a great option if you are going to be loading up on heavy-duty kitchen appliances. Keep in mind that this is very limited because due to the heavy horsepower your equipment requires, you need to load up your solar charging equipment sooner rather than later. That’s right. Even if you had invested in the best solar power bank you can get your hands on, this might not be enough.

You should strike for some sort of compromise. If you’re going to be on the road, look for mobile-friendly kitchen appliances. These don’t take up much power but they still deliver quite a bit of performance. There is a happy compromise to be found here. However, you have to take the initiative. This is not something that’s going to fall into your lap. You’re not just going to lock into this. This takes quite a bit of time, effort and attention to detail. It can be done.

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