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Buying the first BMX bike can be a bit tricky. If you are new to this BMXing world, the first thing you should know is that there are two different types of bikes. The first one is freestyle that can be used in your daily life and another one is downhill BMX bike that is lighter and more agile mainly used in drifting and can gain fast speed easily. When choosing the bikes, the important feature to look out for is the frame material. A lightweight frame is considered as the best. It is the main factor on which your speed and stunts are dependent. To read more about the BMX bike, you can go online and access the buying guides. Below discussed are some points that will help you in making the right purchase.

Points to consider when buying BMX bikes

  • Know your purpose – All BMX bikes are not the same, they are designed in different styles for different riding purposes. So, knowing your purpose will help you in buying the right bike. If you are a little bit confused in selecting the right bike then you should consult the experts who will suggest you the right bike.
  • Customized bike – The first time buyers mostly go for the bikes that are fully built and ready to ride. However, if you are looking for some modifications, you can also get some parts customized. Getting the customization done can be a little expensive but the comfort level is comparatively high.
  • Pick the proper size – These bikes are available in different sizes. Selecting the wrong one can affect the comfort level. If you are purchasing a second-hand bike from a rider, you can get it customized as per your comfort level. But if you are willing to buy it from the store then you should first test your desired bike on the street. If it is not giving you enough comfort then you can get another one. It is the best way of minimizing the hassle. 
  • Check out the components – The bike, good or bad, is dependent on the components used in it. You should be careful about such components like Small sprocket. Bike with small sprockets gain speed quickly in comparison to bikes with big sprockets. The second most important component is brakes. In most of the BMX bikes, brakes are not installed but in case you are new to this BMX biking world, you should go with brake edition for your safety. 
  • Check the weight – You should always choose a lightweight bike because light weighted bikes allow you to ride and do stunts easily. Light-weighted bikes are usually designed for mountain riding, stunts, and races. 

Effective maintenance tips

Buying the bikes and using them is not enough, you should properly take care of your BMX bikes. Greasing the parts of the bike is important to ensure its smooth running. Make sure that the bearing and chain is greased regularly to avoid malfunctioning or issues during riding. 

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