You being here means that you want to become a chef and rise to the ranks, yet you have no idea where you should begin. All that you have right now is the dream to become one and you want to see it happen to you.
A career in the culinary arts and becoming a chef has become really popular these days. With so many iconic chef celebrities to look up to, it is no wonder that many aspiring chefs these days are getting pressured to go to the top that badly. However, at this point, all you need is your passion for food and the attitude to learn more about cooking. Don’t forget to add some creative flair to your work, too.

It doesn’t have to be at the restaurant. You can start with your own kitchen and better make sure it is well equipped for basic cooking. This will make it clear for you that you are cooking and becoming a chef for the right reasons.
According to Jacques Pepin, a world renown legendary chef, his advice for young aspiring chefs is to work in the restaurant. They don’t have to land on a job that makes them cook in the kitchen, as long as they are able to take part in a restaurant. You can be a waiter, cook or dishwasher. The main point of taking this job is that you get the essence and the taste of what it is inside.
After a couple of months from working in the kitchen, you will realize new things as you’ve learned your way into it. You will either decide whether you want to continue being a chef or quit altogether. When you feel gratified as you work in the kitchen, when you feel happy while you cook for people and that it makes feel filled up, you should continue what you’re doing.
The kitchen, particularly the commercial one, is the most high-pressure, fast paced working environments you will ever see. When service starts and the orders keep coming in, the thing will happen really quickly and there is so little room for mistake. The kitchen demands its people to have a lot of focus and energy. This is why it is best that you first spend time a lot in the kitchen so that you will get used to the environment there before, during and after service.
It is also lucky for you these days that the “militant-style” kitchen that usually was dominating in the past has mostly disappeared, although there are still others that still employ this kind of discipline. However, most chefs agree that it is not to be practiced. But it can’t be avoided that in the commercial kitchen, there is that chain of command that you should follow at all costs. If you struggle with ranks and authority in a workplace, especially in the kitchen, then the kitchen is not for you.