Get Flooring Of Your Condominium As Per Your Preference

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September 15, 2019
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Due to the increasing population, working individuals in urban areas find it hard to get a house on rent or sale where they can raise their family. To provide a genuine solution to the problem, most of the construction companies have started to develop condo projects which provide better accommodation and protection to owners. Leedon Green Showflat service will allow you to have a better look at the condominium before you purchase it and you also get thorough assistance regarding financing and discounts which you can acquire effectively.

Different floor renovation ideas for your condo unit


This flooring has a similar look to that of a wooden floor but you can acquire it at a much economical price range. The most important feature of this flooring is that it is eco-friendly and it is safe for kids and your pets. Unlike wooden flooring, it will provide you effective resistance from wear n’ tear and moisture and it is very easy to clean it.

Engineered wood

This type of flooring will give your condo a classy look and it is very easy to install. Thus, you can get the renovation done within a small time frame. The main structure of this flooring is that it has a hardwood veneer on top of the surface and there are various other wooden layers present underneath it. Thus, your condominium will also get proper insulation. You can efficiently use the flooring on padding and concrete.

Ceramic tiles 

Ceramic tiles have different types of pattern and color combination this feature will let them match with the interior décor of your place. One of the plus points to having this type of flooring is that you can easily fix the place of damage and do not have to repair the entire tile. This will save your time and the work will be done in small time duration.


With this type of flooring, you get to cancel the noise inside your condo and it also provides cozy feeling to the place. This will also help you to keep your place warm during the winter season. It is very easy to clean carpet flooring as you can wipe out the dirt with occasional dry vacuuming and can clean the area with the help of shampoo. Carpets also provide better grip thus are considered ideal for children and elder people.

Natural stone

Some common stones which are used for this purpose are limestone, slate, and granite. They can easily be cut as per the area of your condo’s floor and can be placed with efficacy. One of the best features of this flooring is that you will not get seams in between as they are filled up with adhesive substance and then polished thoroughly. This flooring has a long life and you don’t have to spend much amount on frequent repair and replacement. Condos with solid stone floors also fetch you high re-sale and leasing value. Thus you will get a greater return out of your investment.

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