Kitchen Setup

How to Prepare the Kitchen for Cooking

Prepping your kitchen for cooking is all about how to keep it clean at all times even while you cook. For beginners of cooking, this may almost seem like impossible because cooking involves a lot of grease splattering all over, crumbs falling off the floor and a stack of dishes. There are more to come after that if you don’t clean the kitchen as you go. But there is something about a clean kitchen that will make your cooking easier and even gives you more energy to cook better.


Using the garbage bowl

Many home cooks talk about the reason the existence of a garbage bowl in the kitchen can bring happiness to whoever walks in this area of the house. Rather than walking over a compost bin or trash can filled with scraps and peelings, using a bowl at the counter where you always work will aid in consolidating all of the cooking waste in the kitchen. It is even more efficient and will save you a lot of time.

Use a flexible cutting mat when lining up your cutting board

Have you ever experienced when you use your huge chopping board, and slide off the chopped vegetables into the pan and almost half of them goes to the floor? Experts advise using the flexible cutting mat instead right on top of the cutting board. When it is time for you to place the chopped veggies into the pan, at least you will only be picking up the cutting mat rather than with the whole board. Bend the flexible mat and form it into a funnel. This way you won’t be wasting a single piece of chopped veggies onto the floor.

Take the recycling bin or trash can out

There are certain cooking projects wherein you have to use a lot of boxed or canned goods. It is best that take out the recycling bin from the cupboard and then set it up on the counter so that you can drop everything all at once after you have opened it.

Pick up the things that fall to the floor immediately

This can be quite a challenge, but doing this will help you save clean up after you are done in the kitchen.

Put all measuring spoons in one cup

This refers to the ones that can be used again. Many home cooks and professionals put the cup filled with measuring spoons right in front of them whenever they are cooking of baking. This way, it will be easier to find the measuring spoon that you are going to use again and drop it back into the cup so that you won’t forget about it.

Clean as you go

Many would say that it is best to clean the kitchen after cooking, but it has been proven effective to clean the kitchen with hot soapy water before using it. It is a nice way of saving up the time to clean up after you have used the kitchen. It will also consolidate all the dirty things – rather than have such items hanging all over the countertops, they are all in a single place.