Shopping for kitchen appliance parts can be really tough

A lot of cooking fans and aficionados have to face a very tough decision sooner or later in their cooking careers.  You don’t have to necessarily be a cooking professional.  You don’t have to be a chef.  You don’t have to be connected to some sort of restaurant, hotel or professional kitchen to face this problem.  The problem is actually quite simple.  If you’re using a blender or some sort of food processor, sooner or later, one internal part is going to develop a problem.

Now, if it’s an external part, like some sort of pot, a chamber, or a piece that you can easily take apart, you probably wouldn’t think twice about it.  A lot of food processors and other pieces of kitchen appliances and cookware are modular in nature.  In other words, the manufacturers have already planned on certain parts going bad over an extended period of time.

This is why getting replacements for those parts is actually quite easy.  You only need to go online, find a kitchenware or kitchen appliance online store, and order the whole assembly.  But that is precisely the problem.  The whole market it seems, as far as these pieces of home cookware are concerned, are too focused on assemblies.

So if you have a pot, for example, that has three parts, you have to buy the whole pot.  Now, if the pot goes on a hot plate, which has internal parts, you can get a replacement for the pot and the hot plate stays the same.  Sounds awesome, right?  Well, yes and no.  If you’re buying an assembly, you know that if only one part of the assembly went bad, technically speaking, that’s the only part you need to replace.  Ask any gourmet who is fanatical about their kitchen and they would tell you this.

The problem is, that’s not how the market works.  The market makes money selling assemblies, not specific parts.  This brings up the very touchy issue of internal parts.  If you have a blender motor that went bad because some sort of internal part isn’t up to the job, you are going to be facing a big decision.  Are you going to just throw out the whole blender and get a new one or send a blender to the shop?  Considering how expensive labor is in the United States and Western Europe, you know that in most cases, it makes a better sense to stop looking for spare parts for internal parts.

Unlike car parts in the UK, which involve a different economics calculus, kitchen appliances are often just routinely disposed of.  People just throw them in the trash and buy a new appliance.  Make no mistake about it, due to an economy of scale, this actually makes more sense.  If you are looking for UK car parts, you’ll have an easier time.  That’s right.  You only need to look for UK car parts here and there and you’ll be fine.  In fact, they’re all over the internet.

It’s not so with kitchen appliance parts because it’s not just the parts that are at issue.  You also have to pay attention to the labor and the opportunity costs involved.  Since each item costs probably less than 50 pounds, you probably would be better off just getting a whole unit.  You can’t use the same calculation when it comes to your car.  Your car may be worth thousands of pounds.  In that situation, it makes a whole lot more sense to just go look for UK car parts here and there.

Keep this in mind the next time a small internal part goes wrong.  Avoid the temptation of breaking up the appliance and servicing it yourself by buying parts online.  You might as well be creating more problems than you’re solving.

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