The Most Interesting Trend in Gourmet Accessories Tech Support

Make no mistake about it. If you buy any kind of gourmet accessories for your kitchen ranging from blenders, food processors to pots and pans, there will be a tech support issue in the future. This might seem like quite a bit of a prophecy here. This is one interesting projection to make but let’s be clear. A lot of the equipment you use in the kitchen are quite complicated. They’re made up of many different parts. They’re very specialized.

In many cases, they are specialized to do a certain job at a certain time. They have their own internal efficiencies and internal considerations. A lot of them actually have very fancy electronics in their guts. All of these require tech support. This is a problem because many Americans have a serious issue with offshore or outsourced tech support.

In many cases, a lot people feel that the other person on the other side truly doesn’t understand them because the technical support person speaks English as a second language. There’s a lot of things being lost in translation. There are a lot of words spoken in certain cultural context that don’t quite register loud and clear.

Not surprisingly, a lot of companies throughout corporate America and Europe are gun-shy about outsourcing tech support and customer support in general. They definitely appreciate the fact that they can pay people less money and get the very best college educated talent from these countries but their home markets often feel that this is not good enough. There’s a little bit of a tension here.

The good news is the nearshore concept is getting really big in Europe and elsewhere. Technically, companies that contract with nearshore outfits don’t really offshore or outsource. For example, if you are a consumer in Ireland, don’t be surprised if the tech support is being routed to a place like Poland or Romania. These places are still in the European Union and they are close enough to the market while at the same time, a lot of quality control elements are put in place to ensure a fairly even customer and tech support experience.

Sounds good? Well, make no mistake about it. If you are looking for the very best gourmet equipment, look for nearshore tech support. This is a hot trend right now. In fact, it’s happening across the board. Indeed, all sorts of industries, even agile software development, is using nearshoring. It really brings a tremendous amount of value to the table. In fact, a lot of agile nearshore developing companies are popping up all over the European Union and the United States.

There’s just something about getting expert support from a place that is close enough but far enough to provide a tremendous amount of financial benefits. In fact, one of the best things agile nearshore development has going for is that it has made software development so much more convenient.

While a lot of European and American companies can and do save quite a bit of money outsourcing their software and web development needs to the other side of the planet, there’s the massive time zone difference to contend with. Either the person on the other side is sleepy or you’re sleepy and a lot of crucial information doesn’t quite get through loud and clear the first time around.

You can dispense with all of that through software development using a nearshore system. You get the best of both worlds. Not only does this pay off in software or graphics development, but it also pays off in tech support context. If you’re a gourmet cook and you want the right answers as far as your kitchen equipment and appliances are concerned, insist on going with a manufacturer that uses a nearshore service infrastructure. You’ll only thank yourself for it later on.

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