Tips To Extend Your Wi-Fi Range

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July 14, 2019
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There are times when you sit at a particular place in your house and the video that you are watching starts buffering. This is due to the weak signals of your wifi that are not giving enough speed at that place. Having a good wifi range helps you to perform your entire online task easily regardless of the place you are sitting. People use NetGear wireless extender to extend their wifi range in their offices, schools, colleges, house, etc. If the place is very big then you may need a mesh network or many extenders to get high speed at every corner of the place. Some of the ways by which you can extend your wifi range are:

  • Placement of router – your router should be placed centrally so that it can give the optimum speed. Placing your router at the corner of the room or in the cupboard hiding all the wires will not help you to get the good signals on your devices. The more wall barrier it has, the slower will be your network. Analyze your house area properly and then carefully place the router where it gets the best signal.
  • Wireless extender – if your house is big, it is obvious that you will be having very weak signals at the balcony or other corners of your house. You cannot work freely sitting anywhere as you have to sit near the router for better speed. You can solve this issue by having the wireless extender. Wireless extender helps you to extend the signals of the wifi from the router and gives you optimum speed at every corner of your house. You don’t have to worry about the brand of the extender. Your router and extender can be of different brands but they should be able to broadcast the signal.  
  • Firmware update – a simple update can boost up the signal speed instantly. The routers which are new in the market have simple updates method. You just have to log on to the interface of the router and click on the upgrade button. If your router is of an older version, you will have to visit the manufacturer’s website and then download the firmware. After downloading the firmware, you can upgrade it. This is a little tedious work but the after results are worth it.
  • Protect network – if your wifi speed is very slow, it’s time to check on the devices that are connected to the network. There are times when we ignore the importance of password in protecting the network. If you are not having a password on your network, your neighbors can take advantage of the free wifi signals which results in the slow speed of signals. Go with a strong password to protect your network against any malicious activities.
  • Upgrade the device – if your router is too old, it cannot give the required speed in spite of using all the tricks of boosting the signals. Go for a new model which supports the newer updates and give you high-speed connection.

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