What are the Basic Tools of Cooking?

Knives and cooking pots – these are the two most basic tools you’ll see that a cook can start up with when making dishes. But if you ask professional chefs what are the most basic tools to have, what do you think will be their answer?

It will depend from one chef to another. The reason? It is the cooking style that they do. Some chefs specialize in pastry, so the tools that they mostly use are those that are for baking. There are chefs that specialize in Japanese cuisine, particularly with sushi, so you will see a lot of knives and these knives are specialized ones, those made by artisans in Japan. They have to be of high quality because it will affect the final look of the sushi.

Chinese, Mexican, American, British, etc. – each cuisine that you’ll find in this world have its own set of cooking tools in order to come up with the perfect meal. But this is about the basic tools. Setting aside sushi cuisine as it involves a different set of preparation, what every cook, whether professional or just simply a person preparing a meal for their loved ones, here are the basic tools that every cook should have in their kitchen.


Wooden spoon

So obvious right? And it sounds rustic, too! But why would a home cook or professional chef use a wooden spoon? They are highly useful when you cook using a non-stick pan. It will reduce the likelihood of scratching them. It is also a perfect tool to use when you deglaze the pan and scrape off all the yummy flavor bits that are left when you cook.

Oven mitts

Your ovens may look safe, but you can never be safer without the oven mitts. The next time you grab something out of the oven, make sure you have a pair of these on. You can choose any design that you want, as long as it is safe enough to protect your hands from scarring and burning.

Salt and pepper grinders

Some kitchens lack these grinders. They prefer to use the prepared fine and ground pepper and salt. But you’ll be amazed at how freshly ground pepper and salt can do when added to your dish.


Seems like a no-brainer, right? But then again, this is a perfect tool if you want to stir your cooking continuously, like with scrambled eggs without ever making them tough. You can also use this in mixing together a casserole or pasta dish, too.


One or more pairs of kitchen tongs will give you a lot of control in the kitchen, especially with your cooking. You can use this when flipping meat, tossing salads, draining the cooked spaghetti from the boiling hot water or even sauteing vegetables on the stove.

Chef’s knife

There are a lot of different knives out there, but this is the most versatile. You can use this to chop herbs, cutting fruit or veggies and even slice through meat.