What your choice of cuisine says about you

Make no mistake about it, everything about you says a lot about your priorities, your character, your personality and your inner core or being.  Now, don’t take this philosophically.  Don’t think that we are reading too much into these signals that people send out, but this is absolutely true.  Pay attention to all your choices.  For example, your haircut.  You could have chosen a different haircut.  You can definitely have gone another direction.  You are definitely free to do that, but you have picked the haircut that you are currently sporting.  Why is that?

The same goes with your clothing, your choice of eyewear, your footwear, or everything else that you put on your body.  Even your choice of scents, like perfume or cologne, says a lot about you, what’s important to you, what you’re about, what your personality is, and a long list of personality traits.  We are not overexaggerating it.  We are not embellishing.  We are not overreacting.  This is the cold, hard truth.

You have to understand that what people see outside of you is a reflection of your inner values because you have to ability to choose.  Nobody pointed a gun at you and told you to wear certain things, think about certain things, act a certain way, or talk a certain way.  Those are choices, and these choices have to come from somewhere.  These have an internal source, which sooner or later does impact your personality, your character, your priorities and your values.

This is why it’s really important to focus on your favorite cuisine.  Your choice of cuisine says a lot about you.  Maybe you’re the type of person who doesn’t have any time.  Accordingly, you are into very convenient types of cuisine, like Chinese fast food.  On the other hand, if you believe in putting in a lot of time and attention to detail to create culinary experiences like with French food, this says a lot about you as well.

Make no mistake about it, your choice always reflects the real you.  You may be thinking that you’re wearing a popular neckbeard or a popular facial hairstyle.  You might have picked it up from Primitive Outpost or other beard-styling resources.  Well, you might want to think again.  Beard styles listed at Primitive Outpost and other online beard communities say volumes about the people wearing those beard styles.  After all, they don’t have to wear those styles.  They could have easily chosen to wear other types of beards but they choose those styles.  What gives?  What kinds of signals are they sending out?

What effects are they trying to create?

Keep this in mind because these questions eventually lead to some sort of personal branding.  You don’t want to get stuck with a brand that you feel don’t accurately reflect who you are or what you’re about.  Make no mistake about it, your choice of cuisines says that as well.

This is why it’s a good idea to explore a wide range of global cuisines.  Be a truly gourmet cuisine and let your curiosity drive your forward.  By letting it push you upward and out, you can explore the wide range of tastes, refinements, and experiences global cuisines truly bring to the table.

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