Bon appetitt



Discover our menu and find out whether there is something appealing for you. Our drinks are not included in the online version though.

Prosciutto wrapped scallops with lemon and parsley butter $12

This recipe is exclusive to Gentle Gourmet Cafe – designed by our chef for us only. Not only is it tasty, but it also fuels your body for the rest of the day.

Baked goat's cheese with toasted brioche $23

If you are looking for something mild on your stomach, but rich in nutrients, this is the right option.

Asparagus, mozzarella and prosciutto parcels$5

The taste of asparagus will nicely blend with the prosciutto in one of our best selling starter dishes. Top all these with some melted mozzarella on top and you got a winner.

Broad bean and mint panzanella with burrata $12

It sounds sophisticated, but it is not. This starter idea will fuel your body while your main course is cooking, but without filling you up.

Main course

Our main courses are inspired from multiple cuisines. You will find multiple influences gathered together in a unique blend of ingredients and flavors.

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken$12

The main ingredients in this main course are obvious, but the way they are mixed together and a few secret ingredients make it unique.

Honey Orange Fish Fillets $23

Here is something that will both sound and feel sophisticated.

Red and White Tortellini $5

Nothing is better than tortellini if you want something classic, yet you want to add a touch of style and fineness. Our recipe is unique and will immediately surprise you with its taste.

Truffle chicken and potato gratin $12

Classic, traditional, fancy and unique. This dish is not unique in name because everyone has it occasionally, but in the way we prepare it.

Drinks change on a regular basis, especially as we mostly do cocktails.

Make sure you do not miss any of our events though. The menu will be brought over to your table with a secondary menu and a few dishes based on the event we organize.

Our events are obviously about food. Here at Gourmet Cafe, we do not want to educate you only, but also to let you try what we try to teach you about. Therefore, we come up with customized menus whenever we organize an event on site. You can try various recipes, then find out how to do them and get all the answers you need from our experienced chef.