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While Gourmet Cafe is used as both a bar and a restaurant, we know very well that our kitchen represents the main “attraction” of our place. We have not managed to find a single negative review over the Internet about our food so far and we strive to keep it this way. Apart from our professional chef, we also employ a team of professionals. Any of them can take the kitchen over when in need and lead the team to a successful operation.

Mark Simpson is our Michelin star chef. With more than 20 years of experience, he has cooked for some of the most popular celebrities in the world, including UK's royal family. In the past, he featured in his own cooking show on TV.

A team of

We know that a professional chef would be completely useless without a solid team to back them up. For this reason, we have employed the best of the best. All of our cooks could successfully complement the chef during busy nights.

The staff can make or break a business – we know that. This is why we have the best we could find. But this is not everything. On the same note, not even the best chef in the world could cook a good meal without the right tools and utensils. All the machinery and appliances in our kitchen carry reputable brand names. We have the latest editions and we keep upgrading appliances as new and better models hit the market.

As if all these were not enough, dedication is essential. We are dedicated to providing the best experience – the tablecloth, the floor, the décor and the serving are all tailored to impress our clientèle. This is what makes Gourmet Cafe the right choice for both special occasions and everyday meals.

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